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The Crew

Crew: Team



Patrick James Thomas is a film director, producer and writer from Lansing, Michigan. Patrick earned his Bachelor’s degree in Radio, Television and Film and Master’s degree in Fine Arts in Film at Howard University. As an artist, Patrick is interested in sharing stories that are personal, inspiring and shaped by exploring culture, history and faith.
Besides this film he is also working on a film based on the life of educator Dr. Walter Washington, who was the first black person to receive a doctorate degree in the state of Mississippi


Assistant Director

Angel has been passionate about Production since she was in high school. She has been working in the film and television industry for over 10 years in both Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA. She is currently an Assistant Director on the hit television series “Star” on Fox.  Angel received her B.A. from the University of Alabama in Communication & Information Sciences with a concentration in Audio & Video Production.

Michael Wilson.jpg



Michael R. Wilson has over ten years of experience in film productions and has become known for his work as both a cinematographer and lighting technician.
Michael graduated from Howard University with a B.A. in film production. He began his career in cinematography at the Washington Source for Lighting, Inc. and began working as a lighting technician on a number of major motion pictures and television shows such as West Wing, Ladder 49, The Recruit, The Wire, Step Up and other productions shot in Baltimore, Washington, DC and Virginia.


Production Coordinator

After many years working throughout the industry, Claude Park Films was thrilled to welcome Jade Hall Nangah to the team. They bring a strong background and exceptional skill set to their role as Production Coordinator.

Jermaine Thomas.jpg


Location Sound Mixer

After many years working throughout the industry, Claude Park Films was thrilled to welcome Jermaine Thomas to the team. They bring a strong background and exceptional skill set to their role as Location Sound Mixer.


Script Supervisor

Aleshia Mueller will bring a fresh perspective and approach to the position as our Script Supervisor. Now, Claude Park Films simply wouldn’t be the same without her.

Aleshia Meuller.jpg



Cassandra Powell is a veteran and master stylist of over 20 years. Cassandra is a native of Columbus, Ohio. She recently relocated to the Atlanta area to pursue her dream of working and gaining more video and movie set experience. She is also a licensed instructor/educator, a platform artist, author, and a salon owner of 9 years. Cassandra not only has a passion to educate and share information with other fellow industry professionals, but she also believes in seeking and furthering her own education as well. Given her passion to learn and help others in the industry, Cassandra has worked to bring much needed education to her hometown area. She also hosts business beauty brunches, look and learns, hands on classes.  She founded and hosted her first beauty and barber expo - The Ohio Hair Symposium and The Ohio Barber. Cassandra has obtained a Bachelors degree in General Business and a Masters degree in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship. She has been published in various magazines and has released her own magazine and first book titled "I Survived Beauty School”. In the midst of all that she has going on and being a serial entrepreneur, Cassandra is also the proud mother of 5 active children ranging in ages from 21 to 2 years old. Cassandra plans to not only become a recognized name, she continues to create and become the next trend setter in her field.


Make Up

After many years working throughout the industry, Claude Park Films was thrilled to welcome Amaris Samuel to the team. She brings a strong background and exceptional skill set to their role as Make Up Artist.

Amaris Samuel.jpg


Set Photographer

Sheretta Danielle is a creative female photographer based in Atlanta Georgia. After receiving her Bachelors in Fine Art from the Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville, she moved to the peach state and launch her company in 2015. With a keen eye for detail and a strong sense for what her clients need, she is an advocate for artists and entrepreneurs. She successfully helps them expand their companies and take their brands to new heights by building specific plans for each client to meet their individual needs While her main career focus is in the editorial and commercial industry, her heart will always remain to her surrounding community. Sheretta is an enthusiastic volunteer and photographer for Feel Beautiful Today as well as the To Be Youth Development Foundation, supplying them with documentary and event photography, promotional, and website material, giving her access to learn and grow in hopes to one day starting her own Youth Arts Foundation. She will continue to build her own brand to ultimately help others build theirs.


Second AC

Kerry brings many years of film experience to the camera department.   Now, Claude Park Films simply wouldn’t be the same without them.

Kerry Profile Pic Edited.jpg



Jasmine Woods has worked with us on our previous film Cut My Hair Barber.  As head of wardrobe, she will play a key role in making the story is told through their costumes.


Set Designer

I'm originally from NY but I  have lived in Atlanta since 97. I've been doing hair for 17 years. I have two kids, Rocco and Garnett, we currently live in Inman Park. Thrifting is the best!! I’m in the Atlanta area to pursue my dream of working and gaining more video/movie set experience.

Anna Mello_Headshot.jpg



Highly motivated creative content producer with proficiency in all areas of video production from camera
operation and sound capture to complete post production. Project management and organization are key
components to my process and success.


Behind the Scenes

After many years working throughout the industry, Claude Park Films was thrilled to welcome J-Mo to the team. He brings a strong background and exceptional skill set to his role covering behind the scenes activities.

Branden Hampton.jpg



As our Publicist, she will play a key role in making sure the word gets out about Apple Core.


Production Assistant

Sherye Bradley is a Film Studies graduate of Eastern Michigan University. She is a writer, producer, director, and editor from Lansing, MI. Her objective is to use media to give a voice to those who have been silenced. Sherye uses media as a different way to engage and educate her audience on the world. She believes when we tell our stories, anything is possible.



Production Assistant

Jackie Gleasson is an Editor and Videographer in the city of Atlanta. She films public events, has collaborated in music videos, and is involved in doing vlogs and entertainment for Youtube. She also has collaborated in photo shoots for small brands and businesses


Music Composer

John is an accomplished composer, post-sound mixer, filmmaker, and photographer. As a composer, John has scored music for many successful independent films and nationally televised commercials. In addition to composing, John has mixed audio for numerous films, commercials, web series, and podcasts. John lives in Brooklyn, NY and travels to Baltimore, MD frequently, where he still runs a commercial recording studio for film and audio.

John Knipp.jpg
Israel Tesafaye.jpg


Sound Designer

SCAD Atlanta Graduate/ Motion Media Designer/ and Sound Designer, Israel Tesfaye, has been tackling the screens both on and off the camera. “It is a passionate experience every time the opportunity to create meets the joy of sharing that creativity with others.” Israel has designed for both visual and audio productions with studios like BET/Centric, DDB Studios, Soul Asylum Studios, and his own personal label Israel Negasi with songs now featured on major distribution (iTunes, Spotify, etc.). “It’s the harmony of light and sound that sells the magic of life!” A philosophy Israel carries with him through all of his creative ventures. Visit for more about my video/music productions.

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