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The Cast

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As Papa

Papa is a man who failed to follow his dreams.  Facing death he tries to finish one painting before he dies.

Carle Atwater was born in Chapel Hill, NC.  He is a graduate of Howard University with a BFA in Theatre. Carle is an accomplished singer, has performed opera at the JF Kennedy Center and has sung the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden on multiple occasions.  He has performed with Aretha Franklin, The Alvin Ailey Dance Company and Mary Lou Williams. He was awarded the L A Critics award for Best Performance in a Musical for his portrayal of Bert Williams in “Williams and Walker”.  He has returned to the performing arts, this year, after a 30 year hiatus. In addition to this film, Carle recently completed shooting “Super Special” in the part of Harold, will play the role of Frank in the film “Queer of a Kind” and will play the role of Reginald Andrews in the film “Shenanigans”. Carle is also an accomplished photographer with over 40 years experience.  His works can be seen on Pinterest, Instagram and FB as “Carle Atwater Photography” as well as




As Kela

Papa's granddaughter, Kela, who’s energy is so strong that it sparks desire to follow his dream.

Alivia is a talented 9-year-old actress and model. She is the second oldest among 5 siblings. Alivia has always loved the theater and making her loved ones laugh by putting on spontaneous talent/fashion shows. She enjoys hobbies such as swimming, skating, and bike riding. Alivia is a part of the accelerated reader program and avid video game player, with Minecraft and Roblox being two of her favorite games. Alivia’s sweet and carefree nature captures her audience and brings new life to every project she touches.



As Pamela

Papa's daughter, Pamela, brings Kela over to lift his spirits through painting.  She knows his art is a major key to his happiness.

Lisa Simpson Hoover is a native of Washington, D.C. She started acting four decades ago on stage with the Howard University Children’s Theatre and Playmakers Repertory Company. Freshmen year of college, she had a reoccurring role on a local teenage television show “In Our Lives.” Her most notable community theatre stage credit includes playing the role of Berniece in August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson. She is a graduate of The American University and University of Florida College of Law. She is a wife, mother of three, practicing attorney, and author of a self-published guide empowering women to embrace their authentic self. She is an accomplished classical pianist and avid snow skier.



as Nanna

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As Radio Announcer

Shanell Henry was born and raised and still resides in Lansing, MI. Shanell is a Motivational Speaker, Community Organizer, Music and Voice Over Artist. She is passionate about people, fulfilling and living purpose.

Shanell has recorded and performed voice over work for local radio commercials, national radio, and audio books. She has an interest in venturing out to perform more voice over acting roles for film and television commercials. Shanell wears many hats and has learned to balance them all delightfully.

Check out her blog at for more of who and what Shanell Henry represents.

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