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Claude Park Films is a park where my stories come to life.  Parks are made for everyone to come and enjoy.  Everyone is invited to Claude Park to sit around and experience a story told through my lens, but created in collaboration with many artists.



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SYNOPSIS: A spiritless aging man has lost his desire to paint after settling in with a stable job as a postman. The passing of his wife and life’s distractions led him even further away from painting.  His daughter Pamela, brings his granddaughter Kela over to paint while she goes to work.  The enthusiastic and spirited Kela paints with a passion that reminds him of who he once was.  He regains his desire to paint, but an illness that has been creeping up for years is starting to take it’s toll and threatens to take away his ability to paint forever.         

$10,000.00 GOAL!!

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Thank you: Credit in the film and everything above

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Supporter: 17 x 11 Apple Core movie poster similar to the sample and everything above


Contributor:  Apple Core movie T-Shirt (design to be determined) and everything above


Sponsor: 2 tickets to the local screening in Lansing or Atlanta and everything above


Associate Producer: IMDB credit, Custom DVD, bi-weekly emails between July – August 2018 updating you on the progress and challenges of creating a film plus everything above.



Executive Producer:  Custom DVD and an invitation to hang out with us while we are filming on set.  You can be BCC’d on emails that we send out to crew and everything above.


If we exceed our donated amount, funds will be used on this project and future projects from Claude Park Films.



Thank you all who have gotten us this far!!
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